Sell one car and on to the next

The final day with the v50 seen here  hidden and over shadowed by the replacement. 

I had the v50 about 6 months and my eye was roving. I had been looking for a p2 or p3 non-xc wagon for some time, but hadn’t found anything particularly interesting. 
This car rolled in out of the blue from someone wanting to short sale a car and not have to deal with the potential headaches of a private sale. Whenever I get a call like this I assume that the car is a ratty old thing that wouldn’t sell on CL because it looked that bad even in a low resolution flip phone photo.
When this one arrived I realized this was shinning exception to the rule. A price was agreed on and the next day the car was mine.

The interior arrived to me nearly immaculate. 

And I’m now back in the wagon with wings club! 

There is almost zero damage to any of the wheels

The previous owner left the following goodies: owner manual and all accompanied materials, two master keys and a valet, the original window sticker, a factory touch up paint kit, and a Gideon Bible. 

And of course the part that we actually care about. 

At this point I’m a bit at a loss of what to do with the car. Nothing is broken and nothing needs attention. For someone who thrives on fixing things this is a little surreal.

I suppose I will be adding sound deadener and other subtle tweaks that I always do to my cars.
In other news, the 242 wheels were a bit and fees for using ebay were not excessive, so I’m trying my hand at it again.

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