New Cat

So, I’ve wanted a Jaguar XK for a long time. Every time I went searching, something got in the way or things didn’t line up. 
Well, this car almost ended up by the way side too, but by luck or ill fortune, it’s now on my possession. 

I wasn’t on hand to see it dropped off, but my wife took pity and sent me these pictures. 

Here is the good side

And the not so great. 

And then a shot of the front

The car was unloaded in a corner where I can’t take photos of it at all, so I have to use these. 

Damage report thus far is pretty much what I expected. The upper control arm broke and that’s why the wheel is hanging off at the top. The shock is also broken in half and the coil spring is gone. The bumper and door can be saved and will be repainted when the currently blue fender turns silver. The windshield is also broken, I wasn’t expecting that. That’s an expensive extra. 

I’ve ordered a fender, shock, control arm, and spring. The fender arrived a week before the car did, but the rest is mostly in transit. The control arm arrived today, the shock gets here tomorrow, and the spring is the big unknown. I ordered it Friday, so hopefully it will be here by the weekend? I ordered that new from the dealer and they can be quite slow. I won’t order a windshield until the car can be moved. 

If all goes well it might be mobile on it’s own power by the weekend and then I can get some nicer photos and give some step by step break downs of faults and repairs. 

One curious surprise that I’m not letting myself worry about is the car will not start because the body control module is off line. I can’t see any damaged wiring and everything is in tact at the place of impact except the upper control arm. I’m assuming the shock being broken in half is the cause as it’s electronically controlled and tied into the abs, but I won’t know until I know. This is always the gamble with buying cars the way I do as there is a very high risk factor. 

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